Welcome, Spring!

According to Google, the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere is the 21st of September, and it ends on the 22nd of December. For that reason we think it’s still appropriate to wish everyone a Happy Spring and Happy New Beginnings!
At Forest Farm Centre, we are abundantly blessed with Mother Nature’s beauty so we love spring and welcome it with eager anticipation. We love to see the grass and trees wear green again, and to see the flowers blossoming and painting our spaces colourful. We look forward to celebrating our way and spending more time outdoors.
We started our celebrations recently with a sports day, which we combined with our monthly birthday bash. The theme for our birthday bash this month was “Spring!” The Cottage Coordinators (aka Housemothers) decorated the cottages beautifully and created a festive mood for the residents. Everyone had breakfast in the cottages, setting a relaxed pace for the day. Breakfast is usually served in the dining room, so the small change made all the difference because it created a cosier and intimate set up, which was a perfect start to the day.
After breakfast, everyone gathered on the field and had fun playing. There was an obstacle course set up and all 99 of our residents went through it. It was great fun! And to amuse the residents further, the staff also went through the obstacle course, doing crazy antics which had the residents in stitches. It was an enjoyable morning which lifted everyone’s mood. The sun came out to play and bathed us in that wonderful Spring warmth. A splendid way to usher in the season of new beginnings.