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A Window Into Our World
At Forest Farm Centre​

A Range of Accommodation on Offer

Catered for Meals

Housekeeping & Laundry Services

Medical & Social Services

Transport Services

Security & Other Services

A Range of Accommodation on Offer​

Disabled accommodation categories we cater for, with respect to Activities of Daily Living (ADL):
Dependent Care – Care provided by shared care-workers for profoundly disabled residents who require intensive assistance with ADL
Full Care – Residents who require moderate assistance with ADL fall into the category. Care-workers and a staff nurse look after the wellbeing of residents
Supervisory care – Residents who require minimal assistance and supervision with their ADL
Standard – Residents who can largely see to their own ADL
We also offer day-care, as well as a respite service to give full-time carer-families the occasional break

Forest Farm Centre monthly funding is obtained through:
■ A grant from the Department of Social Development.
■ Rental fees paid by the Residents.
■ Donations from Companies, Individuals, Clubs, Churches and Schools.
■ Bequests
■ Internal donations from our book shop and charity shop


Catered for Meals

We love being complimented on the quality of our food, especially since our budget precludes luxuries.
■ A 28 day menu approved by a dietitian provides 3 tasty, nutritious and portion controlled sit-down meals a day
■ Tea, coffee or cold drink/juice three times a day.
■ Packed lunches for residents who go to medical appointments or outing

Housekeeping & Laundry Services

We pride ourselves on our clean and neat facilities.
■ General cleaning is done 7 days a week between 06h00 to 18h00
■ Rooms are cleaned thoroughly, including residents’ furniture and appliances
■ Curtains are removed, washed and returned to clean windows quarterly
■ Passages are cleaned once a day and spills when necessary
■ Bathrooms and toilets are cleaned several times daily
■ Toilet paper is provided at toilets

■ Daily washing routine collecting washing from Cottages and return folded and ironed
■ Quarterly washing of curtains
■ Where required, wet bedding is removed daily and replaced with clean, dry linen


Medical & Social Services

Forest Farm Centre is not a medical facility but do offer the following:
■ Experienced Registered Nurses and Staff Nurses on duty daily
■ The Registered Nurse, during her shift, resides on premises and on duty for 06h00 to 18h00 and on standby after hours
■ Medication is administered to residents and observed that it is taken by Nurse
■ Nurse on duty 24 hours a day
■ Care-workers on duty 24 hours a day
■ Social Worker available by appointment
■ Medical appointments made as required and referrals obtained where necessary
■ Care worker accompanies residents for medical appointments where required, The cost for this Care-worker is not covered by monthly fees.
■ Assistance with SASSA applications

Transport Services

■ At residents’ request and cost – Residents may be transported to medical appointment and to hospital in emergencies after hours
■ Residents will be transported to special functions to which we receive invitations



The safety of our vulnerable residents is a priority for us
■ Secure, fenced in safe terrain
■ Smoke detectors in all cottages
■ Fire extinguishers accessible and serviced
■ Buildings outside doors are locked at night
■ Evacuation plans in place and drilled
■ Boom gate access
■ Hourly guard patrols done on premises

Other Services

■ Fenced wheelchair accessible pool on the premises for residents’ use
■ Pocket money controlled by finance office if required
■ TV room with DSTV
■ Maintenance of rooms
■ Assistance with maintenance of residents’ personal items where possible
■ Assistance with repairs to wheelchairs
■ Regular, free entertainment for the residents
■ Supervised hygiene where required
■ Minor repairs to clothing items
■ Wheelchair cleaning
■ Making of beds and packing of cupboards
■ Assistance with shaving
■ Feeding or assistance with meals
■ Dressing or assistance as required
■ Assistance with laundry preparation


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